Services and Fees

Our service includes collection of the placenta from the birthplace within 4-6 hours of notification of required collection. Your completed capsules will be returned to you generally within 24 hours of collection (48hours during busy periods).

Your placenta can be processed in one of two ways:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Method- TCM Placental Encapsulation involves steaming the placenta with lemongrass, ginger and peppers to increase the warming properties of the placenta, prior to dehydration. Your placenta is dehydrated and then ground finely before the powder is placed in capsules for you to ingest.
  • Raw Dehydrated- Raw Dehydrated Placental Encapsulation involves finely slicing the placenta before it is dehydrated, ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules for you to ingest. This is the most requested form of processing.
  • Placenta Tincture- Raw Placenta is steeped in a certified organic alcohol for 6 weeks to create a homeopathic remedy. This can be used in any time of trauma, transition, emotional distress and during menopause and ease your symptoms. This is an add-on service for $100.


At Melbourne Placenta Encapsulation we use 100% vegan, gluten free, vegetable-based capsules. 


  • Collection location within Melbourne CBD: $325
  • Collection location outside of the CBD: $375 
  • Collection location more than 60km from CBD: $425
  • Existing Doula Clients: $275
  • Twin Placentas: $550

Collection of the placenta and return of the completed capsules within 24 hours included; outer metro/rural locations may receive their capsules via courier or via express post.

Methods of Payment Accepted: Direct Deposit/Bank transfer or Cash. 

We require a $100 deposit to secure your booking.

Payment must be paid in full at the time of placenta collection.


How much time is required, what are the processes, and what is involved?

We drain, flush and clean the placenta, removing as much fetal and maternal blood as possible.

The TCM Method involves steaming the placenta, intact, in a sterilised pot.

The Raw Method involves trimming off the placenta membranes.

Both methods then require fine slicing of the placenta using sterile instruments.

The sliced placenta is then placed on sterilised, surgical steel mesh trays and dehydrated for 12-16 hours.

Your dehydrated placenta is then ground finely using sterilised metal blades.

Your placenta powder is then inserted into capsules which are placed in an Amber glass jar.

All medical waste and biohazardous materials are disposed of using a clinical waste contractor who incinerates it as per health regulations.